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Styling From The Gents Section

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You know those days when we want a break from the little black dresses, the skirts, the leggings, the maxis, the culottes, the bodycons, the jumpsuits and rompers. Why not try menswear.  You’ll be surprised at the versatility of it and the million and one ways in which you can style them. 

I gave mine a feminine edge with the barely there sandals but if you want to go all the way, you can try pairing with oxford shoes or even proper men’s shoe if you can lay your hands on a pair that is your size. *Quick tip on buying men’s shoe (for ladies), I’ve realized that buying a size smaller than your regular size does the magic. I must confess though, the men’s section is a tad more expensive but totally worth it.


So, what do you think? Drop your comments and let me know your take on menswear and how you would style yours.

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Love. Chika, xxx

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