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Life as an Endomorph by Azadeh

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:: Life as an Endomorph  ::



Have you ever wondered why it is SO easy to gain weight, but so hard to lose? Why does it seem like so many others can eat copious amount of junk food but if I even sneak a peak at a greasy pizza or inhale the intoxicating aroma of a delicious brownie, I swear I gain five pounds in that exact moment. I could run miles and hardly see a difference in my figure. Why do I feel like I have no control over my body? It’s like my body has control over me and my lifestlye. I used to obsess over this. I’d fantasize about my ideal body frame, how I’d finally be able to wear skinny jeans and crop tops without feeling fat. I spent years researching and unsuccessfully trying out products and diets, but I finally figured it out!

The reason why I have struggled so much is by not accepting there are certain things I can NOT change about myself, but there ARE things I can improve upon. I will NEVER be a size 0 or 2 barely a 4 simply because Momma wasn’t lying when she said I was ‘big boned’. However, I CAN tone and slim down! First and foremost I needed to understand my body type. I am a pear shaped gal who’s gotta give it up to all the celebrities who have given my body shape respect and sex appeal. However, I still didn’t look like the goddesses Lopez, Knowles, and Kardashian. They work hard training their bodies to be their friend, not their enemy.

I discovered WHY I am a pear shape is because I am an endomorph. What the heck is an endomorph? No, I am not an alien. This is not some sort of lifestyle choice. I was born an endomorph. This means my body has and always will naturally store fat, specifically for me in the butt, hips, and thigh region. Endomorphs have SLOOOOOW metabolisms and a naturally lower tolerance for carbs. By focusing my diet on healthy fats, proteins, and greens IN COMBINATION with high intensity interval cardio for 30 minutes four times a week ( I hate cardio), along with (my favorite) weight training, it’s slow and steady that wins the race. I lost 5 pounds a month. That doesn’t sound like much but time flies by and the weight loss adds up! I lost 25 pounds in 5 months, but more importantly, I toned & firmed my junk in the trunk that I have come to appreciate and love about myself. I even have a 2 pack that looks GREAT in crop tops and high waisted skinny jeans! Yes, I actually wear skinny jeans and instead of feeling fat, I feel curvy in all the right places.

I still see women who don’t have to do ANYTHING to maintain their perfect figures but I actually feel bad for them now. They may look healthy on the outside but they are not truly providing their body with nutrients and working their muscles! They have a struggle too! It’s not easy for them to gain body mass or muscle, just as it is not easy for me to lose my excess. I truly believe that all bodies are absolutely beautiful. I don’t want to be negative anymore, I want to respect and love my body despite it’s ‘flaws’. That is why I am ECSTATIC to be collaborating with Swim Classy to promote body positivity and self love. They say when you eat healthy and workout you’re ‘getting the gains’ but the number one thing I’ve gained is self confidence despite how I look, it’s all about how I feel. I feel proud for taking care of myself, sharing my journey, and unexpectedly inspiring others to do the same.

You are out of this world, babe!




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About the Author:

Hey love! My name is Azadeh (persian for freedom). I never felt I lived up to my name. I never felt free. I was filled with doubt, worry, fear, regret, negativity. I was an extremely shy girl who didn’t stay in one place for long and spent my life dreaming in silence of what my world could be. I had many interests in music, writing, photography, fashion, movies, acting, teaching but I was not confident in any of these pursuits and therefore didn’t even take the risk in pursuing them. I also hated my body for being too curvy and being too uncoordinated to join any sports to appease the excess baby fat. I hated my personality. I was weird. Super shy in public super silly and outgoing in private. I hated being seen as weak, both physically and emotionally. Due to a turbulent abusive household, I was extremely secretive, my main goal in life was to keep the peace in all aspects by being invisible, a good girl and act silly only with my sisters as entertainment to distract from our pain. Once I grew older and lived far from family, I realized I spent my life trying to be selfless, worrying about everyone else in order to never deal with myself, my own issues. It’s still a battle but I have made great strides in self confidence. I am pursuing my dreams of acting and creating my own content on youtube, along with embracing my quirkiness on snapchat, experimenting with my makeup, fashion, and photography on instagram, and treating my body with love and respect in the kitchen and at the gym.  I have felt more and more free in being who I am meant to be by accepting what I can not change and changing what I can not accept. I have let the wrong people in, realizing my capacity for love and it’s own weakness. I am learning to love myself before I hope for others to love me at all. I now feel that my name fits me, I feel free to live my life to the fullest, because I am living it purely for me.

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