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Journey on Self Acceptance by Itsknotsoeasy



I AM a YouTuber! I am someone who struggled with low self-esteem from a young age. I literally hated everything about me! I was constantly made fun of because of things I could NOT change. It was nose is too big, I’m too tall, I’m too skinny, my breast are too small, I have no curves, my forehead is too big, my lips are too big, my voice is too deep! After hearing this most of my young adult life, I grew to hate who I was. I would look in the mirror and become literally disgusted!

I remember being in high school and my mother took me to a modeling agency. They told me they loved my look, however, would I be willing to get a nose job?! I remember thinking, if you liked my look, why do I have to change it?! My mother offered to fly me out to California to go to the best plastic surgeon to have it done and I told her, NO! Even then, at my young age, I knew NOT to tamper with that which God has blessed me with. I thought, it may not be pleasing to everyone else and I may not find it to be my best feature, but if GOD made me this way...He must find me beautiful! All that ever mattered to me, even before I knew God personally, was WHAT does GOD think of me!

It wasn’t until I went away to college and discovered God, my creator, that I begin to see myself different! My pastor told me to pray and ask God to show me, myself through His eyes. So I did! I began to meditate on psalms 139:14 that states, “I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE! This OPENED my eyes. I no longer looked at myself as disgusting or ugly. I saw the beauty and perfection of who I AM! I am one with GOD! If I AM in HIM, then that means I AM made perfect THROUGH Him! The more I grew to know my creator, the more my inner confidence began to peak through. I no longer envied other women. I no longer desired to have that which others worshipped! BIG breasts, BIG bottoms.... these are worshipped today! But, today, I worship the one who created me FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY! I worship God! My creator and the creator of all living things!

I love the skin I’m in! After 6 babies, I AM blessed to still be able to have the energy to put effort into taking care of my temple/body and to bring forth beauty tutorials to help motivate and inspire women all over the globe! My declaration is.... IF I CAN DO IT...THEN ANYONE CAN DO IT! God Bless!

Author: Itsknotsoeasy

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