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Use code: "loveyourself" for 25% off sitewide!
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AngieFace: Review on "Beauty" One Piece &

Good day, lovelies

As women, one of the biggest deals about getting summer ready is to wear that perfect swimsuit.  We do crunches, we skip out on meals or eat very little at least and try those impossible diets (I know all about them), just to look summer ready for the perfect swimsuit!  Here's an idea: What if we just love the bodies that we are in and just wear the damn swimsuit anyway? 

Like many of you, I have had body image issues where even at my smallest I have felt: fat, unattractive, flabby, cellulite ridden.... ALL OF IT!  As I've grown very comfortable in my own skin, I've found out this: Life is too short to not just wear the damn swimsuit or to kill myself trying to get into one to suit my ego.  We are all beautiful! No matter the shape, size, color, or anything else.  

Swimclassy - This company is all about body positivity as they do not even change the pictures or edit them on the site, to look "picture perfect."  You have to see their mission, which is what made me fall in love with them (well the swimsuit styles did too). 

According to their About Us section:

Who is Swim Classy?
"Swim Classy is not only a swimsuit store but a movement. All photos are unedited, and untouched (except for lighting) to promote body positivity . We want you to look at our photos and gain confidence as opposed to lose confidence, because ladies- No matter what shape or size you are- you are always SLAYING! Social media has already been taken over with how us ladies are EXPECTED to look, and if we don't look a certain way we should feel ashamed. Swim Classy's goal is to one day override that and create a new fad for women- and that is to LOVE yourself just the way you are!"

See my picture below which is a review of my swimsuit purchase.  It's "Beauty" in red.  I love that it has stretch to it and is also sexy and it's simple but sexy.  The color is popping too and there are other colors on the site that are similar to this style (black & white).  
If you want to shop, you can use my coupon code for 25% off! Use: ANGIEFACE at checkout.

Thank you for reading.


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