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Use code: "loveyourself" for 25% off sitewide!
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#mystory Blog Submission by @sethi_sargam



An architect by profession and a fashion enthusiast and stylist by passion, that is who I am and my blog is just an expression of the same. I started my blog in May, 2018, which is the time when I really started feeling confident about myself and my body.


There was a time when I was too conscious regarding my height, since its not as per the societal norms. But there was one thing inside of me which never let those norms take over me, and that one thing was my passion for fashion. I was never depreciated for my height, but was always appreciated for my sense of styling. That was when I started falling in love with my height, and that was when I knew that every body is beautiful. Just style it, embrace it and love it!


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