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How to be Effortlessly Visibly Beautiful by Jeselle Mangoma

  • How to be Effortlessly Visibly Beautiful
  • You don’t have to be very beautiful to be appreciated. Remeber, there are always people out there who knowhow to give compliments without hesitations. There are still those who don’t judge too much.

    Everyone’s dream seems to be related if not always, almost related to fame and privilege.

    Being visible to everyone, noticed by anyone, somehow boosts someone’s confidence.

    Do you even remember the first time you dressed up like a Barbie girl or like one of the princesses in one of the fairytale books you have read?

    Do you remember when you told yourself, "gosh, I'm a total hippie!" 
    or "damsel in distress"?

    When was the last time you saw a guy looking at you like you're the most beautiful girl he has ever seen? Or when did your classmates ever mentioned that you are looking beautiful and astounding?

    Do you miss these times? I know everyone would. All the flattery words and motvational speeches we’ve heard have always been there, we just have to appreciate what we’ve had and what we have now.

    I am not a perfectionist, nor an expert fashion icon yet I know something about adding a fashion to your attitude. The millenial style you might say. LOL. But these might help you somehow.

    First, I usually deal with lots of trends in women's society for other people to explore their interests and discover of what could later become their hobbies. I check it out via scoial media outlets like instagram, facebook, twitter, and other portals that are easily managed for exposing a person’s lifestyle and creativity.

    Second, I always keep in mind that acting like a lady while still young makes you a respected person though you are not a duchess in a mansion or a daughter of a lord like, let's say in British community. I have books with the same exact theme like Anita Burgh’s ‘Azure Bowl’ and Nora Roberts’ ‘Dream Trilogy’.

    The truth is, you just have to know what you really want and be the star on your own. Meaning, each one of us has a light within that we are yet to discover. Don’t be sad if you haven’t found that light yet, but one sure thing is that it’ll shine, one day, and you haven’t even thought about it.

    These are not tips, not even forced propositions but if you would accept these challenges of mine to boost your confidence more, better get your nerves to where you actually want to start and act on it. Do remember that the gap between dream and you is ACTION.

    Think simply of the moments when you were still a kid and your mom would wipe your tears when you cry or change your diapers in the middle of the night. Now, you transformed into a superwoman and you want to be like someone else, but the best thing to be 'someone' is to be yourself, The one who thinks independently, mature, smartly, creatively, not judgmental, kind, and optimistic.

    Think of one famous person who you really look up to and that you want to become like him or her. Have you noticed that they have also gone through a lot of rejections, struggles, and stayed humble as they are now that they are on top? If you have, then you're looking up to someone who is a real inspiration, at least for you.

    I'll share mine. I absolutely love Taylor Swift. She is America's sweetheart and a real influential woman today. Through her music since 16, she showed her fearlessness and her patience of waiting for her dreams to be right in front of her. Through the years, since I was thirteen, I started listening to her music.

    She's a philanthropist too.
    She gives everything back to people who adores her! Taylor's brilliant and passionate too as the president of the Big Machine Records, Scott Borchetta, said in an interview when Swift was still in her teenage year and trying to live her dream.

    Like her, I want to explore every opportunity that is there for me. Because I love music, I went back to my compositions when I was seventeen and started playing a melody for them. I’ve always dreamt of seeing people sing to mys songs, record again and again, make albums or novels. It’s my kind of addiction I know.

    Now if you’d like to know how to be as visible and confident, this is for you, if you are reading this, your attitude is very important in achieving what you really want to be. Your style should be different. You should show your charisma, your adorable face.

    Be humble, think of your habit, what you love to do, your interest and then your dreams. Then start walking to your aims. Is it too big? don't worry, in your head, everything is possible. don't forget that. If it's in your head, then you're on your way. 

    And to make all of those real? Start chasing what you want. Rock the world, rock with your friends, share your talent and be an ultimate rockstar! If you are, but if you're a dreamer like a business kind of life, then start on your own, growing takes time.

    This is for all the young girls out there, because you are young, you feel the urge to start over easily, with eager and aggressiveness, because we have a burning passion in everything we do.

    When you are into writing, still, you can hit the road to success! Start blogging, writing journals. Anything that exercises your writing abilities.

    Oops, don't forget to get yourself a god coach. Everyone needs that, we may start with our parents, friends, teachers. Someone you can rely on, show your true self to. In business talks, market yourself, know everybody in the market, learn the strategies and think about all the aspects of the industry you want to enter.

    And if being a rock star is your option, don't deny it, show everyone though they laugh at you, enjoy what you do. It definitely makes them sad I tell you. Seeing you in that stage, singing or speaking about something that's inspiring and important, they will feel ashamed. Again, you're standing on your feet, keep them on the ground baby.

    Your friends, I mean the true ones will help you, and will look up to you. Your family on the other hand will hold you and support you wherever you might be. A lot pf people love you.

    Reach out to people. don't be too timid or shy, create a beautiful mess!
    The society is the key to knowing what you really want.

    Time is to come, over the years and the next generation, Time will never stop ticking and moving for everyone to see that the world is ready to open. The earth's core sees the spin frequency and you have to target, you have to know, when do you really want to go and push your dream to reality?

    Take a pause, don't end everything just reading this, why don't you go and sit right there, think of all the possible opportunities you can have for yourself. Do it. Go for it! Think right and be the rockstar of your life!

    Let’s go for #selflove #selfconfidence #swimclassy #swimsuittale #redswimsuit #chasingmeagan


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