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Blog Submission - Olivia Messina! SwimClassy

I’ve always been the big girl—taller and heavier than all of my friends growing up.  It’s only been recently, at 22 years of age, that I have learned to embrace my height and weight and love myself unconditionally. However, my journey to self-love has not been an easy one… many failed diet attempts, many mental breakdowns, many insecure feelings, especially feelings of jealousy for smaller and thinner woman portrayed throughout several media outlets. When I was in grade school I remember having crushes on boys and being rejected by them and in return they called me “Fat.”  What I’ve come to realize is that my fat body does not define or dictate my happiness. The root of my happiness comes within my mind and soul by being surrounded by those I love and doing things that I love. Because my body—my rolls, my love handles, my back fat, my hanging stomach, my cellulite, my stretch marks, and my jiggly arms—has allowed me to accomplish an honours degree in Sociology & English, an amazing YouTube channel where I can inspire other people to love themselves and dress how they want to, and it got me through the toughest moments in life of which I’ve prevailed… if not conquered. Why hate my fat body? If it wasn’t for this body I would have never felt inspired and had the tenacity to prove other people wrong and prove to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. I feel absolutely beautiful every time I go out in the world because I know I’m a figure of inspiration for other plus-size women who believe they can’t pull off a short skirt or a crop top. Whether it be shopping at a grocery store or walking on the subway platform I make sure that I strut my stuff like I’m on a runway in order to let it be known that I am big and sexy.  Fashion and beauty are outlets that have transformed me into someone who once hated how she looked to someone who is a little too obsessed with herself (LOL). Trendy and sexy clothing gives me confidence and on fleek makeup makes me feel like a million bucks. They are both forms of expression that allow me to convey my own feelings of self-love, beauty, confidence, and fierceness onto others. If you’re struggling with loving and embracing your body just know that you will get there over time by giving yourself a lot of self-affirmations and realizing that you’re beautiful and worthy of happiness regardless if you are a size 4 or a size 24. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing at 284 pounds I can say that I am proud to be in the body that I am in, and I will continue to defy societal norms surrounding body image and I will lead my life the way I feel the most happiest. My goal is not to be thin, but rather to be healthy, happy, and utterly in love with myself.

Author Bio:

Olivia is a body positive YouTuber who is obsessed with fashion and beauty. Her channel features hauls and try-ons from stores like Forever 21 & Torrid and she often breaks out into a full-blown dance battle in her bedroom against herself. She also vlogs her crazy life and cries laughing as she re-watches herself. She has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and English and plans to return to do a Masters in Sociology. She is funny, outgoing, and fearless, and seeks to inspire other women to love their bodies regardless of their weight. She is actively seeking self-love and happiness and hopes that you will be there to follow her journey.  You can find her on:

Instagram: @oliviasworld95

YouTube: @oliviasworld95

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