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Use code: "loveyourself" for 25% off sitewide!
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Blog Submission - Melanie Megan ! SwimClassy

I remember the first day I started not feeling comfortable in my own body and mind. A year later I was diagnosed with body dysmorphia. For those who don’t know what body dysmorphia is, it’s a mental disorder that makes you constantly obsess with 1 or more self-perceived flaws. For example, I use to obsess over my stomach thinking it was never flat enough. This obsession takes over your mind and starts to dictate a non-healthy life style. Since then I’ve gotten help I work every day towards a healthier and happier mind, body, and self-image. From this experience and my story, I want girls to be able to love every part of themselves. The human body is a beautiful thing. Stretch marks, fat rolls, scars or bruises are all natural and we should embrace each other with open arms and minds. The brand I’m building at the moments goal is to learn to fall in love with yourself inside and out. Swim Classy inspires girls to love themselves every day and I will too.
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