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Use code: "loveyourself" for 25% off sitewide!
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Blog Submission - Jenny Mendoza! SwimClassy

hi gorgeous,
I got the email about a blogging opportunity and I would love to be futured I just started my blogg and I have a YouTube channel that is beauty related my blogg website is
And my YouTube is
Instagram : muabyjenny 
I post makeup tutorials and my blogg is my opinions on any makeup and showing my makeup looks (:
- as a female and being 21 we are prone to feeling self conscious and worrying about the way our body looks or having thoughts that we should change our body I've learned to love and feel confident about the way I look. Just because you don't look a certain way that fits into people perspective doesn't mean you should put yourself down. I've always felt self conscious growing up from being a A cup and looking at all these pictures of girls and models would put me down. But the best thing is being confident in your own skin.

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