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Use code: "loveyourself" for 25% off sitewide!
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Blog Submission - Deborah Goodall ! SwimClassy

Dear Milly
I would love to be featured on the website!  As an up and coming Youtuber I regularly post videos based on fashion and beauty and have even done a swimsuit lookbook, which was definitely out of my comfort zone.  It was something I wanted to do as I’m very proud of my body now especially as a teenager I was teased for being tall and skinny, very gangly with no boobs and a brace.  I wasn’t a typical pretty girl and had to deal with wanting to fit in but always standing out in the wrong way.
I love my body now because I’ve learnt to eat right, exercise and push my body to be the fittest it can be and look the best it can.
My youtube handle is 
I hope this is everything that you need but if you have any questions please let me know.
Kind regards

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